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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Allied Business Schools, Inc.?

Allied Business Schools, Inc. is a nationwide distance education school with a history of successfully providing students with exceptional career training and education. In more than 25 years, over 1 million enrollments achieved their career goals. There are tens of thousands of testimonials from students that have had positive experiences with Allied Schools. Click here to learn more about Allied Business Schools, Inc.

  • Up-to-Date Learning Materials – All course materials are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. The course instructions, assignments and exams are developed specifically for home-based study.
  • Live Support from Start to Finish – You are never alone with your studies. Even though you study through distance education, you have a full support system at your disposal. Allied’s fully-trained Educational Support and Student Services Departments are available to answer any questions you have throughout your course.
  • Job Assistance – You get assistance to help you prepare for the job market. Helpful advice on resume and cover letter preparation, networking, interviewing, and more, show you how to make a smooth transition from student employee.  
What courses do you offer?

Allied offers comprehensive real estate courses that prepare students for long-term careers in an industry that offers positive growth and career opportunities. There are a variety of real estate licensing, renewal and professional training programs available to help you build a solid career.

You can become a licensed real estate professional (salesperson, broker, appraiser) or build a career as a home inspector or property manager.

Why should I take a distance education course instead of a live class?

Distance education is a win-win situation. Not only do you get a quality education, but you can complete the course in a flexible, convenient and self-paced manner. You have all of the benefits of a traditional classroom – teacher/student interaction, relevant course material, live student support – with the added benefits of learning from home. Prepare for your career without the hassles of parking, babysitting, extra gas, etc.

Below is a list of just some of the differences:

Live Traditional Courses vs. Distance Education
Drive to class and sit in a classroom   Learn from the comfort of your home
Learn limited amount of material in class   Learn as quick as you want from home
Take your final exam at school   Take your final exam online from your home or office
Balance work/family issues   Choose to learn when it’s convenient
Learn at a specific time and place   Learn anytime, anywhere
Expensive   Affordable

A classroom course does not let you be in charge of your education. Allied’s distance education options let you choose where, when and how to learn.

How does distance education work?

Allied provides a convenient way to complete a distance education course through online learning. When you enroll in an online course, you have the added benefit of completing all assignments and exams online. (Please note that some courses are 100% online and have all of the materials, assignments and exams available only through your computer, while others include a correspondence component with PDF e-books and online quizzes and tests.)

Once you receive your materials and/or enroll in your 100% online course, you have up to one year to complete the course, working at your own pace and completing assignments and exams when you choose, unless you are in a course with a structured schedule. Upon completion of your course, you will have access to a Certificate of Completion.

What are the benefits of choosing an online course?

You receive the same education in the online and traditional correspondence courses; however, the online course provides students with a few added benefits that include:

  • Start minutes after you enroll
  • Receive instant feedback on the quizzes and final exam
  • You will have access to a Certificate of Completion when you complete your courses
What if I need help during my course?

One of the biggest advantages you will find at Allied is one-on-one support. If you need assistance for any reason throughout your course, you can contact a representative during regular business hours and receive live student support. We will answer any of your course questions, assist with technical issues, and more. Help is only a phone call, e-mail or fax away!

Can I enroll right now?

Yes. Allied has open enrollment which means that you can enroll in one of the career training courses at any time. There are quality distance education courses available to suit any of your educational needs. Get started today and be one step closer to your new career!

Is there a proctor requirement for Allied’s Courses?

Some of Allied’s courses do require a proctor. Please call 1-888-501-7686 to learn which courses have a proctor requirement.

How do I log into my classes?

You may log in to Allied Business Schools’ learning management system (LMS) at https://iboard.alliedschools.com.

If you have additional questions, or require assistance logging in to iBoard, please contact student services at 888-925-4282 or you may submit a request for assistance at http://www.alliedschools.com/support.

What is my login (Username/Password) information?

Use the links below to retrieve your iBoard login information:

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