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Course Final Exam Proctoring

The course final exam is the last chapter of your course. You must complete all the course chapters, quizzes, and projects (if your course has one) before you can take the final exam.

Course Final Exam Details

  • Closed book
  • Scratch paper and calculator are allowed
    • The calculator must be a simple one. You cannot use a smartphone or any calculator that includes an alphabet.

Texas requires you take the course final exam with a Proctor. A proctor is an unrelated third-party who monitors you taking the course final exam. 

Every state allows in-person proctors and most of them allow you to use an online proctor. Details on the proctor process for Texas can be found in your course and course documents.

We have partnered with a national online proctoring company for those states allowing online proctors; Monitor EDU.  The company has different ways to virtually proctor the exam. The most common method uses the webcam on the device on which you take the exam in addition to using the camera on your cell phone. A link to the online proctor is on the last page of your course.

Mobile Proctor:
We will connect to your smartphone with a video chat (link). The proctor will ask to see your ID, will have you show your work area/room, and will have you place the phone between 3-6 feet away from you in the room so that it can see you and the computer screen while you are testing: Important: make sure you have your phone on the charger.

Mobile Proctor Plus:
We add the use of the webcam or second camera to see your area. The proctor will provide you with this link and will assist you in setting up.

ProctorExam Live:
If you do not have a working smartphone, or your institution has required end to end recording of your session, we will connect using ProctorExam software. For this service we will have you use Chrome. You will download a screen sharing extension and then we will launch the software. The software will guide you through set-up of your screen-sharing, camera and ID verification. Your proctor is available via chat to assist you.

Texas proctor fees are included in your tuition. The signup portal is presented to you once you complete the course.

These are technical requirements for the online proctor:

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Strong internet connection – Minimum 500 Kbps download and 256 Kbps upload; we recommend 5Mbps or higher upload and download
  • Current version of Google Chrome or some other Chromium-based browser

To use an in-person proctor you must find someone who meets the criteria for your state. While each state has some unique qualifications, you will generally need to find someone unrelated to you and unrelated to real estate who can monitor you taking the exam at their place of business. Some states require that place of business be an educational institution. Your course documents will provide you the specific requirements for your state.

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