FAQs: Pre-Enrollment Questions

Find answers to common questions about your real estate license and Allied Schools.

What are the technology requirements?

The majority of our courses are designed to work best when your computer and internet browser are configured per the following technical requirements and specifications:

  • Internet connection of 56K modem or better is recommended.
  • Google Chrome 40.0 (or higher), Safari 6 (or higher), or Firefox 38.0 (or higher) browser is recommended.
  • Expanding your browser window to its maximum width and height is recommended.  Close any unused toolbars at the top or bottom of your browser.
  • Set your computer monitor for 1024 x 768 resolution with a minimum of 16-bit color.  At that resolution, with the browser maximized, both ends of the bar below should be visible without having to scroll.  If you cannot see both ends of the bar, use the white arrows |} in the black frame divider to expand the Content Screen.

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