How to Turn Real Estate Leads Into Clients With Email


These days, there are plenty of ways to generate real estate leads for new agents, ranging from sending out brochures in the mail to running Facebook Ads to generate leads almost immediately.

But, leads alone don’t translate into sales. In fact, when it comes to generating real estate leads for new agents, it may take quite a bit of follow-up to turn those leads into actual revenue for your business.

This is where simply generating real estate leads for new agents becomes a real estate lead generation system, in which leads move from “warm” and somewhat interested, to “hot” and ready to take action.

Key Takeaways:

  • Email marketing helps convert leads into paying clients.
  • Use lead generation funnels to capture email addresses.
  • Automated email sequences nurture leads until they take action.
  • Real estate CRMs help organize leads and streamline follow-up efforts.

So, what do follow-up and lead nurturing look like?

Just as with getting real estate leads, there are lots of ways to nurture them, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Paid ads
  • Phone calls

While you can and should use all of these to nurture leads, email marketing is one of the easiest ways to stay consistent in your follow-up efforts because it’s one of the only strategies where you can “set it and forget it.”

Fortunately, real estate agents now have the option to use online real estate customer relationship management systems (CRMs) to help them keep track of where leads are in the “client journey” and help make follow-up easy.

How Do I Choose a Real Estate CRM?

The goal of a real estate CRM is to have all of your leads in one place so you can respond to outreach immediately and never go too long without touching base. While you can do a quick online search and likely find a comprehensive list of CRMs, it may be best to ask your peers or mentors which system they use and why they like it.

When it comes to nurturing real estate leads for new agents, it’s important to choose a real estate CRM that’s both affordable and easy to use.

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How to Nurture Real Estate Leads Through Email

One of the best ways to generate real estate leads is to send prospects through a lead generation funnel, which offers valuable information like a checklist, home valuation tool, report, or other resources in exchange for the interested prospect’s email address.

This allows real estate agents to see which prospects are interested in the front end, and then create automated email sequences that nurture their interest on the back end until prospects take action and book a call or a meeting.

For instance, if someone takes a home valuation tool, it’s clear they may want to sell their home soon. So, a real estate agent could put them into an automated email sequence about how to prepare to sell their home, what other homes in their market are selling for, and prompt them to book a call or meeting.

If prospects don’t take action and book a call or meeting after your sequence ends, you can move them into another list in your CRM where you can continue to send them relevant emails, but also start reaching out personally over the phone or via direct mail.

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