10 Ideas for Generating Leads on Social Media

Getting real estate leads on social media

Is social media still an effective way to generate real estate leads for new agents? According to a recent technology survey of active real estate agents, social media yielded the highest number of quality leads – followed by the local MLS.

Here are some tips for getting real estate leads on social media.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Provide valuable content to engage potential clients and establish trust.
  • Create videos or posts showcasing unique property features to attract buyers.
  • Collaborate with influencers in related industries to expand your audience.
  • While social media requires effort and time to see results, it remains one of the most effective and affordable methods for generating leads.

Ideas for Real Estate Lead Generation (Social Media)

Quality, helpful content is the key to real estate social media marketing. With that in mind, here are a few ideas on how to use social media to gain leads.

1. Host live Q&A sessions about a relevant real estate topic.

Consider hosting a question-and-answer session on social media to engage with potential clients and provide valuable insights into the housing market. This will help you establish yourself as a trusted advisor for buyers and sellers seeking guidance in real estate transactions.

2. Highlight a unique property feature to pique the interest of buyers.

We know you are probably using social media to share property listings. But if you are selling a property with a unique feature, create a quick video highlighting it. Sometimes, one exciting image or video will have a more significant impact than 25 photos.

3. Give sneak peeks of new listings.

Build interest in a property coming soon by sharing photos or videos.

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4. Connect with relevant influencers who have similar audiences.

Make mutually beneficial connections with other social media users in real estate adjacent industries. Work together to grow your audiences.

5. Promote local businesses on your social media pages in hopes they will do the same for you.

The business you promote doesn’t even need to be related to the industry. Sharing your favorite local breakfast spot (or taco joint) shows that you know the community you serve. Local business owners may also show appreciation by turning to you for their real estate needs.

6. Share interactive property tours.

The pandemic changed the way buyers viewed homes for sale. Since in-person showings were difficult, more agents turned to 360 virtual home tours. Virtual home tours continue to be popular, so share them on your social media accounts.

7. Share market trends.

There’s always a lot of “noise” about real estate prices, interest rates, and market trends. Share quick, easy-to-understand analysis on trends in your local area.

8. Use paid ads.

Create a business account and learn how to use paid advertising to market to buyers and sellers in your area. Paid ads are a great way to generate real estate leads for new agents because they don’t require you to have an extensive network or a lot of time upfront (like organic ads can).

9. Share original, helpful blogs.

Organic, SEO-driven strategies are also beneficial for real estate agents. Share well-written, helpful blogs on your social media page to encourage readers to click through to your website.

10. Use humor to encourage shares.

Are you known for your sense of humor? Use it to your advantage by creating funny content encouraging likes and shares.

Social media is still one of the most effective and affordable ways to generate leads for new agents. Use your social media presence to stay top of mind, build momentum, and create content people will feel compelled to take action on or share. It does require some work and can take some time to see results, but it can pay off well in the long term.

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