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Tennay A, California

"Customer Service at Allied is bar none!!"

Alen K, California

"Been with this school before I became a broker in 2013 and now refer all my current and future team members who need to renew their licenses or applying for new license. I use this school for both real estate and (NMLS) mortgage loan originator renewals."

Morgan D, California

"My favorite way to take courses is through Allied! It is so easy to follow and the explanations and examples are perfect. I highly recommend this school to anyone considering taking real estate courses!"

"Class was clear and well structured. It was complemented by real life examples from the instructor. Definitely learned a lot and had a good time doing it."

Frederic R, California

Lourdes U, California

"Stephen did a fantastic job teaching the course and making sure we retained the information. The course helped because rather than dry reading you are getting a mix of real world examples to terminology that we who aren't already in the industry know otherwise. This is my second attempt at Principles, first with an instructor and it has made all the difference."

Cindy R, California

"I will definitely be referring my family and friends to Allied"

Inger T, California

"I am a nurse with absolutely no background in real estate! This course delivers on its promise to help you succeed. My professor (Stephen Harper) is the BEST and he really wants all of us to succeed. I am so grateful to all of the helpful staff from Robyn Keely who signed me up and made sure I had everything I needed to the technical support personnel. This course is worth your money to get started in real estate. Thank you all."