How Much is a Real Estate License in California?

A real estate license in California costs between $1,000 and $2,000. We know this is a significant chunk of change. However, when you learn that the average income of a real estate salesperson in California is $110,945, you may not think that the costs of getting licensed sound out of line.

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you the benefits of holding a real estate license, the breakdown of costs, and how to begin the licensing process.

Key Takeaways: How Much Is Real Estate License in California?

  • Pre-licensing education costs range from $200-$800.
  • You’ll pay $305 to the Department of Real Estate for your exam and license fees.
  • Fingerprinting fees cost $49.
  • If exam prep materials aren’t included in your pre-licensing package, expect to pay $100-$250 to review for your test.
  • Real estate agents may also have to pay association fees and MLS fees.

Benefits of Holding a Real Estate License

Having a real estate license allows you to oversee the buying, selling, and leasing of properties in California.

Being a licensed real estate agent offers flexibility in scheduling and job opportunities. You can specialize in a niche (luxury properties, commercial properties, condos, etc.). You can work as a real estate wholesaler or become a leasing agent. After a couple of years of experience, you can take broker pre-licensing courses for even more career options.

Breakdown of Costs

How much are real estate classes? How much is real estate school online? Let’s break down those costs.

Pre-licensing education

Approximate Cost: $200-$800

You’re required to take 135 hours of coursework before you can continue the California real estate licensing process. Please note: these aren’t college credit hours. You can easily finish your pre-licensing coursework in less than a month.

Pre-licensing courses are offered in person, at your pace online, or via livestream. Many students typically choose online options because they are generally more affordable and provide more flexibility.

Exam & license fee

Cost: $305

Once you have successfully completed your pre-licensing courses, you will apply for your license and exam with Form RE435. The $305 payment covers $60 for the exam and $245 for the license.

Fingerprinting fee

Cost: $49

Real estate agents in every state must undergo a background check. You will pay the fee directly to the Livescan fingerprint service provider if you reside in California. If you reside out of state, you will pay the fingerprinting fee to the Department of Real Estate.

Exam prep

Cost: $100-$250

Carefully select your real estate education provider. Some schools offer exam prep materials and courses as a part of their package. If you don’t have that option with your real estate school, you may end up paying several hundred dollars more for licensing exam preparation.

Membership fees

Approximate cost: $300-$700

There may be additional fees for getting started in the industry that you hadn’t considered, such as MLS fees and membership fees for professional organizations. Talk with your brokerage about your financial responsibilities so you can budget accordingly.

Strategies for Managing Costs

There are set costs when you get your license. For example, the application and exam fees are the same for everyone. However, you can shop around for pre-licensing courses and exam prep materials. We encourage you to consider your choice carefully. It’s best that you find a mixture of value and quality. After all, your costs will increase every time you have to retake the exam, so it’s better that you pass it the first time. The chances of that happening improve if you enroll in a quality real estate education school.

Allied Schools is affordable and highly rated. We often offer discounts on our California pre-licensing courses and include exam prep materials in most of our packages. And we are so confident that you will pass your exam the first time you take it that we offer the Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee.

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