Online Real Estate Schools and Courses

Choosing a school to set you up for continued success

Once you’re sure you want to pursue a career in real estate, the next step is figuring out where you want to prepare for your real estate licensing exam.

In the past, most soon-to-be real estate agents took courses through their local community colleges or at other in-person real estate schools, and some still choose to do so.

But these days, many aspiring real estate agents choose an online real estate school to pursue their pre-licensing requirements, and for good reason. It’s often more affordable, more flexible, and quicker to complete.

Keep in mind, whether you choose to complete your real estate license requirements through an online real estate school or in person, you’ll still need to complete all 135 hours of training and pass your test with a score of at least 70%.

So if you’re looking for the best online real estate school to start your real estate career, this is what you should look for:

1. An Accredited Online Real Estate School

Unfortunately, not all real estate online learning is created equal.

When you apply for your real estate licensing exam, you’ll need to prove you took all 135 hours of accredited training first. That means the online real estate school you choose must be accredited by the California Department of Real Estate.


Because the Department of Real Estate’s job is to ensure that buyers and sellers are knowledgeable, and that certain California-specific ethics and practices are upheld.

In other words, during your search for the best online real estate program for your situation, it’s important you’re searching for “accredited real estate courses online” versus simply “online real estate courses.” Allied Real Estate School offers the accredited online real estate courses you’re looking for.

Why Allied Is One of the Top Accredited Online Real Estate Schools

Allied has helped millions of students launch and grow their careers in real estate for over 25 years. Our online courses offer maximum flexibility for students looking to seamlessly transition into real estate.

Choose From Self-Paced or Livestream Courses

At Allied, we understand not everyone looking for an online real estate school is interested in a self-paced option. Online learning can be a difficult transition for some folks, especially those who have been out of a school environment for a while or like to ask questions as they move through their material.

To accommodate, Allied offers livestream classes three times a week in the evenings so even those who are currently committed to other careers and responsibilities have an easier time attending our classes.

Get Just the Right Amount of Support For Your Style of Learning

Even our self-paced online course packages give you the choice between the bare essentials and extra resources and support.

For real estate agents relocating to California or wanting to get licensed in California to work with a wider range of clients, our California Real Estate Fast Track Program offers a fast, easy, and affordable way to learn California-specific material without any extra resources.

This is perfect for professionals with experience who are ready to apply what they already know to a new state.

On the other hand, Allied also offers self-paced courses that include:

  • Our “Exam Cram” video
  • Digital exam flashcards
  • eBook dictionary

And even hard copy textbooks for you to take notes and highlight as you move through the course material.

“Pass Or Don’t Pay” Guarantee

With our more hands-on course options that do include extra resources and instruction, we offer a “Pass Or Don’t Pay” guarantee.

Our prized instructors have almost 80 years of combined real estate experience and deliver lots of extra live support. So, we believe if you study, use the materials we give you, and take advantage of your instructors’ experience, you’ll be able to pass the test on your first try.

And if not? We don’t believe you should pay. We’re able to make that bold promise because we’ve helped millions of students through our accredited online courses pass the real estate exam on their very first try.

2. Exam Prep Options

Not a skilled test taker? Think you’ll need extra help getting prepared for your real estate exam? Then you’ll want to choose an online real estate school that offers exam prep.

Exam prep entails not only learning the knowledge from your textbooks and instruction, but knowing how to apply it.

Your real estate exam may word questions about your course material differently than your textbook does, so it’s important you’re able to translate your course knowledge into real, applicable information before exam day.

Online real estate schools that offer exam prep may offer extra resources like:

  • Digital or physical flashcards
  • Study groups
  • Q&A sessions
  • Practice exams

3. Professional Development Courses

Many new real estate agents find out the hard way that their real estate licensing material isn’t all that’s needed for real estate success.

Once you’re out in the field, you’ll need to know the real estate lingo and legal details your course materials cover, but you’ll also need more practical skills to start successfully selling your services and serving clients.

Not all online real estate schools offer professional development along with their licensing courses, but some do.

Professional development courses are often those that cover topics such as:

  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Business strategies
  • Time management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Soft skills for interpersonal and professional relationships
  • Money management

Among others that directly impact your success as a real estate agent and entrepreneur.

Though these aren’t required to pass your licensing exam, you’ll find investing in an online real estate school that does offer some or all of these professional development courses may help you gain more momentum sooner in your career.

4. High Pass Rates

Good real estate schools are typically considered “good” because they have high pass rates. An accredited online real estate school could have great prices and amazing flexibility, but if they don’t have high pass rates, it’s an indication that students simply aren’t getting the highest quality instruction or resources.

Naturally, no school will have a 100% pass rate because students are ultimately responsible for their own success; but you’ll still want to look for schools that have the highest pass rate possible.

With that in mind, schools that have pass rates in the 90% and higher range are an excellent choice.

On the other hand, if you simply can’t afford your first choice or can’t work it into your schedule, know that going with a school with a lower pass rate is still acceptable and may not influence your results, but you may consider getting supplemental help from a mentor or find your own complimentary resources for study.

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