Real Estate Manager Dashboard

Track the progress of your new real estate agents with the Colibri Real Estate Manager Dashboard. Enter goals for your prospective agents, watch their real estate course progress and communicate with your candidates all in one convenient place.

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Monitor and manage real estate agent progress

With our Colibri Real Estate Manager Dashboard, you can monitor all of your new agents' progress on a daily basis.

and track goals

Let the dashboard help you achieve your goal. The Manager Dashboard will track the number of potential real estate agents added to your account and measure the total number of students against course completions.

candidate courses

See the progression of qualifying education coursework for each of your real estate candidates. It's a simple way to make sure they are staying on track for course completion

with candidates

Send messages to your real estate candidates regarding their goals or coursework

What do you want to achieve?

The Colibri Real Estate Career Hub offers a wealth of information to help you get your real estate career off to a strong start. Explore how-to guides, learn from the experts and tap into the latest news that's moving the real estate profession forward.

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