Keep Your California Real Estate License Current with These 3 Simple Tips

Fontana, California

Earning your California real estate license is one thing, but keeping it current is another. And, considering the average real estate agent income in California is around $80k, it’s certainly worth it to keep your license current.

Besides hanging onto an average real estate agent income that’s far higher than most of the country, keeping your license current allows you to continue legally practicing real estate.

While you technically don’t need to hold a California real estate license to show homes, prepare open houses, or advise sellers on how to market or sell their homes, the state of California does not allow unlicensed real estate professionals to close any transactions.

In other words?

If you want to close real estate deals in California, you must renew your license every four years.

Fortunately, keeping your real estate license current isn’t complicated.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the process.

Complete at least 45 hours of continuing education

Along with having a higher average real estate agent income than most other states in the country, California also has some of the highest number of hours required when it comes to continuing education.

In California, real estate agents must complete at least 45 hours of approved continuing education to be able to apply for their real estate license renewal.

For comparison, North Carolina only requires 8 hours of continuing education, while Florida only requires 14.

However, keep in mind that the average real estate agent salary in Florida is only $67k, and the average real estate agent salary in North Carolina is around $60k.

So while it may take a little more work to keep your California real estate license current than it would anywhere else in the country, the payoff is worth it.

How to Finish Your Continuing Education Quickly and Easily

One of the best ways to complete your continuing education is online. This allows you to work around your availability and work through your 45 hours at your own pace.

Allied Real Estate School offers both a single renewal package that covers the required 45 hours, as well as a CE Plus Membership that includes all the continuing education courses you need in California, real-time coaching, and hundreds of extra resources for your success.

Free Guide: Need help keeping your real estate license active? Download this free guide for more information.

Set a Reminder In Your CRM or Digital Calendar for Renewal

The good news is, your California real estate license’s expiration date is clearly printed on your license. Even better, the California Department of Real Estate sends a reminder to renew your license two months before your license expires.

And if you miss your renewal date, don’t worry — you can renew your license for up to two years after the expiration date without having to retake your pre-licensing education.

There will be a late fee to do this, but it gives most people plenty of time to decide whether or not they’d like to continue practicing real estate.

Budget For Renewal Fees

The current cost of renewing your California real estate license is $245. For brokers, the cost is $300. Even with an average real estate agent income of $80k, the cost is worth budgeting for in advance.

On the other hand, if you submit your California real estate license renewal late, the cost jumps up to $367 for real estate agents and $450 for brokers.

Though these may sound like steep prices to pay to keep your license current, they make sense when you consider first-year real estate agent income typically jumps significantly between years two and three.

That means by year four when your license expires, you’ll likely be in a position to easily afford the costs of renewal.

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