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Getting Started With Online Home Inspection Courses

Prices & EnrollmentYou need the right tools to succeed as a home inspector. When you choose Allied’s convenient online course, you receive everything you need to build a solid career. The all-inclusive education provides you with first-rate training, effective business knowledge and the proper equipment to start your career as a skilled professional. Be prepared the first day on the job!

Live Student Support

Our staff includes an educational support and student services departments that are dedicated to the success of all of our students in every Allied course. Throughout your home inspection program, you have access to personalized, one-on-one student support through e-mail, phone and fax during regular business hours. You are not alone in your education!

Professional Membership

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (interNACHI) will waive their membership fee for the first six months for students completing this program. Enjoy a professional advantage at no additional cost to you!

Continuing Education Credit

Allied Business Schools’ 30-Hour Home Inspection Course has been approved and will be accepted by California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) for 30 hours of Continuing Education Credit. Additionally, the course is also accepted by InterNACHI for 30 hours of Continuing Education Credit.

Prices & Enrollment

Start your home inspection career on the right path, with the online home inspection course that will give you an advantage today and in your future as a home inspector.

Home Inspection Online Course

  • Professional Membership Included
  • Convenient Online Learning
  • Add Allied’s Exclusive Mold and Allergens Specialty Course - Reinforce your training and get that competitive edge!
  • Approved and Accepted as Continuing Education Credit by CREIA and InterNACHI

Choose the home inspection education designed by other home inspectors! Allied provides you with a solid foundation for your home inspection career, with hands-on training that prepares you to successfully inspect a home from start to finish. The online home inspection course is available nationwide and provides you with a self-paced, flexible way to start your new career.

Note: Students will enroll in the individual Home Inspection Course or Home Inspection with Mold and Allergens Program as described below.

Prices & Enrollment

Home Inspection Option #1

Home Inspection Online Course (30 Hours)

Take advantage of an all-inclusive education with industry-leading resources from Allied. The Home Inspection Course gives you an in-depth look at all aspects of the career. Learn exactly what to look for during an inspection, and how to prepare informative and accurate home inspection reports.

The Home Inspection Course includes:

  • Online text: Home Inspection – Teaches you the ins and outs of the home inspection process. Read the textbook online and get the information you need.
  • 16 required units
  • Each unit includes: overview, objectives and assignments with multiple-choice exams
  • Online final exam - 60 multiple-choice questions; non-proctored

Course Description

This course provides you with a comprehensive perspective of all you need to know about inspecting a house. Although written for the home inspector, anyone, consumers and investors alike, will find detailed answers to their questions about the value and condition of property. This course is unique in that it presents the house inspection process from the "outside looking in", rather than just the nuts and bolts of building construction. It covers the inspection process from start to finish, and concludes with the home inspection report. Each unit is divided into illustrated topics to clarify important issues for your understanding and satisfaction.

Home inspection is becoming an integral part of the real estate transaction, and its value will increase in the future. Many states already have passed legislation to regulate the home inspection industry and more are continuing to develop regulations and procedures. Today’s home inspector must be educated and have access to current home inspection information. Whether you are entering this profession part time or starting out in a new career, this book will provide you with all the information you need to compete in today’s market place.

Course Objectives

  1. Identify aspects of getting started as a home inspector, including elements of the home inspection process
  2. Characterize elements of a home’s exterior
  3. Recognize factors that affect foundations, identify types of foundations, and recall reportable deficiencies for foundations
  4. Name components used to frame houses and types of framing construction
  5. Identify components of roofs and recall conditions to look for when inspecting roofs and attics
  6. Recall elements of energy, heat, and home insulation systems
  7. Differentiate between the aseptic and septic systems, and identify other aspects of the plumbing system of a home
  8. Specify characteristics and deficiencies of the electrical system
  9. Name characteristics and deficiencies of heating systems
  10. Recognize aspects of air conditioning systems and deficiencies of the different types of air conditioning systems
  11. Indicate requirements for interior components and recognize deficiencies of each component
  12. Recall appliances that may or may not be included in a home inspection and common deficiencies for each
  13. Identify components in a garage or carport, as well as techniques for inspecting these and other interior components
  14. Specify elements and safety measures for pools, spas and hot tubs, and saunas and deficiencies for these elements
  15. Recognize signs of pest and animal infestations, biological contaminants, and environmental hazards in a house
  16. Determine appropriate home inspector conduct and designate items to include in and omit from an inspection report or inspection agreement

Home Inspection Option #2

Home Inspection with Mold and Allergens (46 Hours)Prices & Enrollment

Take your home inspection education further with Allied’s online Mold and Allergens certificate course. Why? Because Allied has been training real estate professionals since 1992 and we know what you need to know to successfully launch your career! In addition to the Home Inspection course above, you will also receive the following Mold and Allergens course.

As a professional home inspector, one of the most common problems you’ll need to detect in a home are mold and allergens. In fact, just the mere presence of mold and allergens can lead to serious health problems. Your ability to detect these problems, no matter how small, will win the trust and referrals of your clients.

The Mold and Allergens Course includes:

  • Online text: Mold and Allergens
  • 8 required units
  • Each unit includes: overview, objectives and assignments with multiple-choice exams
  • Online final exam - 50 multiple-choice questions; non-proctored

Course Description

The course discusses different aspects of inspecting a building that has suspected mold growth. The course begins with a discussion of the fundamentals of mold, including the history of mold, types of mold, how mold grows, health concerns caused by mold, and how mold can be eliminated. It goes on to discuss mold’s affects on individuals who have allergies and asthma, as well as how to prevent such reactions to mold. In order to understand allergic reactions and asthma, the student must understand the basic function of the immune and respiratory systems. Therefore, the course includes a short description of both of those systems. Next, the course presents methods the inspector should use during a visual inspection of a site. Types of mold sampling, protocols of mold sampling, and the types of equipment used during the sampling process are discussed. The course presents the importance of completing a chain of custody document. It also presents the importance of interpreting laboratory results accurately, as well as items the inspector should include in his or her final report. Lastly, the course discusses an especially destructive type of mold called Meruliporia incrassate, or poria.

Course Objectives

  1. Distinguish between different types of mold
  2. Recall how mold grows
  3. Name health concerns with mold
  4. Identify mold’s affects on people who are allergic
  5. Specify the function of the immune system
  6. Recognize parts of the respiratory system
  7. Recall ways that allergens affect individuals with asthma
  8. Name ways to prevent asthmatic reactions to allergens
  9. Indicate procedures to follow during a site assessment
  10. Specify when samples should be taken as part of the inspection process
  11. Distinguish between different types of sampling
  12. Recognize types of equipment used during the sampling process
  13. Recall the importance of completing a chain of custody document
  14. Name types of laboratory services
  15. Indicate how to interpret data in laboratory reports
  16. Name steps that can be taken to improve indoor air quality
  17. Identify characteristics of Meruliporia incrassata.

Continuing Education Credit

Allied Business Schools’ 30-Hour Home Inspection Course has been approved and will be accepted by California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) for 30 hours of Continuing Education Credit. Additionally, the 30-Hour Home Inspection Course is also accepted by InterNACHI for 30 hours of Continuing Education Credit. Allied’s course completion certificates will display both organizations’ logos. Complete your CEC today!

Prices & Enrollment

Build a Home Inspection Career

Prices & EnrollmentAn exciting and lucrative career awaits you! Home inspection plays a major role in today’s real estate process. Become an important part of this field by offering quality inspection services. Choose an recognized school to complete your education, and enjoy the prestige of owning a home inspection business.

Anytime, Anywhere

When you enroll in Allied’s Home Inspection Course, you get superior course materials that prepare you for an exciting career as a home inspector. Reach your goals with convenient online learning. You can set the pace of your education and complete your education whenever and wherever you want. Keep your current job while you receive the knowledge and practical skills to enter the field as a trained professional.

Home Inspection Career Opportunities

Career Outlook

Due to a growing population and greater housing need, individuals are expected to buy more houses and require the services of home inspectors over the next decade. Employment of home inspectors is projected to grow as levels of real estate activity increase in markets across the country. This activity will result in a greater need for qualified inspectors to provide a fair and accurate evaluation of the condition of a home prior to purchase. 

What is a home inspector?

A person who performs a physical inspection of a home and provides an objective viewpoint on the condition of the property at the time of the inspection.


  • Evaluate a home’s systems, components and structure – foundations, floors, windows, garage doors, chimney, piping, wiring, heating, air conditioning, and more.  
  • Identify any existing or potential problems.
  • Make recommendations to correct the problems.  
  • Look for violations of building codes.
  • Compile findings into an accurate and informative report.

Take the First Step Today

Prices & EnrollmentAllied’s Home Inspection Course provides you with the comprehensive training you need to succeed in this profitable and growing career. You will receive everything you need to complete your education and make a smooth transition into your career – hands-on inspection training, helpful tools and professional memberships. Get started today and learn how to become an effective home inspector. Call or click below for more information.

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