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What are the benefits of a career in real estate?

While there are many benefits to working in real estate, unlimited income potential, flexibility and independence, and a variety of career path options are three key reasons why most agents got into the business.

Why do I need a real estate license?

First and foremost, you need a real estate license to represent buyers and sellers and earn commissions on real estate transactions. Earning your license is the first step toward a fulfilling career and financial success.

What people skills do I need to be a successful real estate agent?

A successful real estate career depends on great communication skills. But, you also have to remember that real estate is a personal business, so supporting your clients on both the good and bad days will contribute to your success.

What business skills do I need to be a successful real estate agent?

Real estate isn’t just people skills. You need a solid foundation of skills to plan your business, manage it, communicate with clients and prospects, and keep each transaction moving forward.

What are the benefits of an online real estate education?

When you enroll online with Allied Schools, you get to enjoy the flexibility of studying when and where works best for you. Our learning experience is easy to use and prepares you to pass your real estate exam.

What does a day in life of a real estate agent look like?

With the many moving parts to a real estate transaction, each day for an agent can look very different from the one before. So when you think about a typical day in the life, envision yourself multitasking and managing your time, tending to multiple transactions and relationships.

How much time should I plan to spend studying for the real estate licensing exam?

Time is valuable, and we know you don’t have any of it to waste. Set yourself up for testing success by studying regularly throughout the entire course rather than waiting until the week before the licensing exam. If you review and repeat the information, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of key course concepts.

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