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Real Estate Salesperson and Broker License Renewal

Real Estate Salesperson’s License & Broker License Renewal

Real Estate Salesperson & Broker License Renewal

CalBRE General Information (CE)

Prices & EnrollmentWith Allied by your side, your real estate and broker renewals are fast and easy. We keep you moving forward with your real estate careers. You will meet your renewal requirements in a quick and effective manner with high-quality course materials that are accessible online or offline. Stay up to date with courses that meet your required hours and keep you informed of current real estate practices.

Live Student Support

Our staff includes employees who are dedicated to the success of all of our students in every Allied’s online course. Throughout your real estate and broker renewals, you receive personalized student support through e-mail, phone and fax during regular business hours. You will meet your renewal requirements fast and on time with representatives helping you every step of the way.


(CalBRE Pre-License Sponsor ID #S0017; CalBRE Continuing Education Sponsor ID #2758)


If you are a CalBRE agent or broker with a license expiring on or after January 1, 2016, you will need to take 3 hours of Management and Supervision as part of your continuing education requirements. Meet the updated renewal requirements with Allied’s all-inclusive renewal package.

Pass or Don’t Pay

When you enroll in the California 45-hour salesperson/broker renewal, you can take advantage of Allied’s “Pass or Don’t Pay” option. This means that you can pay after you pass the course. If you don’t pass, you don’t have to pay. Take advantage of this no risk trial!

Correspondence Option

With the Californian real estate renewal courses, you can complete your real estate license renewal course content online or offline – there are PDFs that can travel with you wherever you go! It’s fast, efficient and easy to keep your real estate license active. Meet your requirements through convenient, portable PDFs and then take your quizzes and exams online. You can access Allied’s course materials day or night and get your renewal completed before your license expires.

Prices & EnrollmentComplete your renewal training today and keep your real estate or broker license up to date. Make sure you stay current!

Real Estate Salesperson/Broker Renewal

  • Fast & affordable
  • Pass or Don’t Pay (Available with CA package)
  • Convenient Correspondence & Online Courses
  • Over 1 Million Enrollments since 1992

CalBRE General Information (CE)

You worked hard to get your salesperson or broker license – keep it active! Once you are a licensed real estate salesperson or broker, you need to complete your renewal requirements in a timely manner to keep your license up to date. You can stay current with Allied’s correspondence and online courses. Enroll online and get started today!

Note: Students will enroll in a real estate or broker renewal package, which consists of individual courses as described below.

Prices & Enrollment

California Salesperson/Broker License Renewal

All real estate salespeople and brokers are required to complete 45-hours of continuing education every four years to keep their California licenses active and up to date. Reach your goals with convenient 100% online learning. Choose to pay after you successfully pass your course with Pass or Don’t Pay.

(CalBRE Pre-License Sponsor ID #S0017; CalBRE Continuing Education Sponsor ID #2758)

California Real Estate 45-Hour Renewal Correspondence Package

Nine required modules. Each module includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. PDF of module content
  3. Multiple-choice quizzes
  4. Syllabus

Quizzes are mandatory and are available online immediately after enrollment. Quizzes are untimed and require a score of 70% or greater. Quizzes may be taken an unlimited number of times.

There are nine online finals (one per module).

The minimum study time for the 45-hour package is six days. CalBRE regulation requires that CE students spend maximum of eight hours per day in a correspondence course. Accordingly, students may access the course final exams according to the schedule below and once all prerequisites have been met. Day 1 is the day of enrollment.

Courses include: Ethics, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Fund Handling, Risk Management, Management and Supervision, Sales Comparison Techniques, Real Estate Interests and Land Use, and The Who, What and Why of Escrow.

Module TitleApproved HoursPrerequisiteExam QuestionsExam MinutesFirst Day of Access
Agency310-Question Quiz1515Day 1 or later
Ethics310-Question Quiz1515Day 1 or later
Sales Comparison Techniques9Three 10-Question Quizzes2525Day 2 or later
Fair Housing310-Question Quiz1515Day 3 or later
Management and Supervision310-Question Quiz1515Day 3 or later
Real Estate Interests and land Use9Three 10-Question Quizzes2525Day 4 or later
Risk Management310-Question Quiz1515Day 5 or later
Trust Fund Handling310-Question Quiz1515Day 5 or later
The Who, What and Why of Escrow9Three 10-Question Quizzes2525Day 6 or later

Students must answer 70% of the questions on each exam correctly to pass the final exams. If a student does not pass a final exam, he or she may retake a different version of a final with no penalty. If he or she does not pass an exam on the second attempt, he or she must re-enroll in the course and start from the beginning.

Pass or Don’t Pay

Prices & EnrollmentWhen you enroll in the online 45-hour renewal course, you have the option to pay after you pass. At Allied, we want you to succeed. Simply enroll in the course. If you do not finish, you do not have to pay. Take advantage of this no risk trial!

Texas Real Estate Continuing Education

As a Texas real estate sales agent, there are education requirements you need to fulfill to keep your license current, which starts with the SAE requirement after you get your initial license and then includes the CE requirement to renew your license within the term of each license.

TREC Approved Proprietary School ID # 990009260; QE Provider # 0595; MCE Provider #0485

Allied’s Texas 98-Hour Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) Package

If your first license renewal is approaching at the end of your second year of original licensure, you are required to complete Sales Agent Apprenticeship Education (SAE), which consists of an additional 98 hours of core real estate courses. When added to your original 180 hours of salesperson education, you will have a total of 270 hours completed after you fulfill the SAE requirement.

TREC SAE rule requires a sales agent to complete a total of 98 hours at his or her first renewal, which must include 90 hours in additional qualifying real estate courses and 8 hours in Legal Update I and II, during the term of the license.

The Texas 98-hour Sales Agent Apprentice (SAE) Package includes:

You get these courses:

Plus, you can choose three additional courses:

  • 30-Hour Texas Real Estate Appraisal - Syllabus
  • 30-Hour Texas Real Estate Law Course - Syllabus
  • 30-Hour Texas Residential Inspection for Real Estate Agents - Syllabus
  • 30-Hour Texas Real Estate Brokerage - Syllabus

Allied’s Texas 18-Hour Real Estate Continuing Education (CE) Package

After the completion of your Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) requirements prior to the end of your first license term, you must complete 18 hours of Continuing Education (CE) during each two-year renewal period.

TREC CE rule requires a license holder to complete a total of 18 hours in CE, which must include 4 hours in Legal Update I, and 4 hours in Legal Update II, within the term of each license.

The Texas 18-hour Real Estate CE Packages includes:

  • 4-Hour TREC Legal Update I (29622) - Syllabus
  • 4-Hour TREC Legal Update II (29623) - Syllabus
  • 4-Hour Economics in Real Estate (33330) - Syllabus
  • 6-Hour Broker Responsibility (31450) - Syllabus

Florida Real Estate Continuing Education

Stay on top of your renewal hours with Allied’s 14-hour package, which includes all of the 100% online courses you need so you can meet your requirements on your terms. Prices & Enrollment

Allied’s Florida 14-Hour Real Estate Continuing Education (CE) Package

Once you complete the Florida post-licensing course before your initial license expires, you must complete 14 hours of continuing education every two years. This excludes your first renewal, which is met by completing the post-licensing course.

The Florida 14-hour Real Estate CE Packages includes:

  • 3-Hour Florida Real Estate Law Update - Syllabus
  • 5-Hour Florida Property Management - Syllabus
  • 6-Hour Florida Financing Strategies - Syllabus

Ensure that you keep your real estate license on track! Fulfill your renewal courses 100% online and on your terms with Allied. Enroll now and get started today!

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