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California Contractor’s License Course

Contractor’s License Course

The Contractor Advantage

Prices & EnrollmentWhen you choose Allied as your education provider, you receive more than your contractor training; you get a strong educational foundation. You will be prepared to pass the state exam with industry-leading materials and a dedicated staff of professionals. Reach your career goals with the knowledge and tools that take your career to the next level.    

Live Student Support

Our staff includes employees that are dedicated to the success of all of our students in every Allied online course. You will receive continued student support through e-mail, phone and fax during regular business hours. They work one-on-one with you to guide you through your preparation, and are available every step of the way.

Industry-Leading Contractor License Preparation Materials

Prepare for the state exam with the best course materials available today. You can be prepared the first time with CD’s, DVD and online test bank. Choose the method that works best for you!

Prices & EnrollmentGet started with your California contractor training and gain prestige in this growing profession.

California Contractor License

  • Industry-leading exam prep
  • Fast & Affordable
  • Course material on CD, DVD and Online

It’s fast and affordable to prepare for your contractor license exam. Get licensed now and be prepared to perform contracting duties in a legal manner. Allied has the study materials you need to specialize in your specific trade and pass the corresponding state exams. You can gain prestige as a professional, qualify for small business loans and advertise your business knowing you are 100% state complaint. The contractor courses are available in California.

Note: Students will enroll in a contractor program, which consists of individual exam prep materials as described below.

Prices & Enrollment Start Your Education Today!

California Contractor’s License Course

Complete your Law & Business materials plus your specific trade requirements with comprehensive packages that have everything you need. Choose from more than 40 trades in all. Advance your career with CD, DVD and print study materials.

There are three packages available for first-time licensees:

Premium Package (CDs and DVDs): The best value!

  • Law and Business Manual
  • Trade Manual
  • Law and Business (CD)
  • Law and Business (DVD)
  • Trade CD’s for select trades
  • Trade DVD’s for select trades
  • Q & A plus Update for Law and Business Exam
  • Q & A plus Update for Trade Exam
  • Law and Business Checklist
  • Trade Checklist
  • State Exam Application
  • License Exam Prep Package: Online Practice Exam

Half Contractor Premium Package

  • Trade Manual
  • Trade CD’s for select trades
  • Trade DVD’s for select trades
  • Practice Test For Trade
  • Q & A plus Update for Trade Exam
  • Trade Checklist
  • State Exam Application

Half Contractor Premium Package

  • Law and Business Manual
  • Law and Business DVD’s (we still offer)
  • Law and Business CD’s (we still offer)
  • Q & A plus Update for Law and Business Exam
  • Law and Business Checklist
  • State Exam Application

License Exam Prep Package:

The California Contractor License Exam Prep Package includes an online practice exam. Each student will be provided an Activation Code inside of the trade manual that is good for one year after the student has registered on with that code.

The features and benefits of the new online practice exam are:

  • Online Law & Business/Trade Practice Exams - compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad, Tablets (Android & Windows). Not fully compatible with iPhone/Smart Phones (iOS, Android, Windows) due to limited device screen size
  • Flash Card Study Mode: allows students to easily view the question, keep track of their progress, and even choose to study only questions they’ve answered incorrectly
  • Exam Simulation Mode: allows students to take a stricter timed test, formatted closely to the State Exam. In this stricter mode, students will not be able to view the answer or explanation. Upon completing the exam, students will be provided with their score and a detailed breakdown of questions answered incorrectly along with the correct answer choice
  • Health & Safety Test included with every trade
  • Graphics optimized for online display
  • Newest update questions always available
  • Study history available to student


Build a California Contractor Career

Prices & EnrollmentGet your California contractor license and build a solid reputation! Start your own contracting business and perform duties as a licensed contractor with Allied’s comprehensive packages. You will receive the specialized skills to manage and facilitate residential or commercial construction work. Take the necessary steps to be your own boss, work flexible hours, and gain status in your industry.

Anytime, Anywhere

It’s flexible and convenient to fulfill your contractor requirements with all-inclusive packages that use audio, video and print materials to teach important concepts. Learn where and when you choose, and keep your current job while you learn. The self-paced course enables you to further your career on your own terms. Live student support will give you the extra tools you need to succeed with your training and establish yourself as a licensed professional.    

Contractor Career Opportunities

Contractor Career Outlook

With a thriving economy and low interest rates, individuals will be more likely to buy a new house or re-finance their existing house. Employment of contractors is expected to grow as people choose to make additions or improve the quality of their new or existing homes. This activity will result in a greater need for licensed professionals to provide quality services in a timely manner.   

What is a contractor?

A person who specializes in one or more types of construction and coordinates and manages work performed on residential or commercial projects. Contractors take full responsibility for the complete job and oversee work from start to finish. (Most states require a license to operate a business.)

Contractor Duties:

  • Set up a contract agreement between yourself and the client and define the terms of a project, including the budget, conditions and plans.
  • Supply all of the material, labor equipment (tools, machines, etc.) and services necessary for the construction of the project.
  • Subcontract part of the work, if necessary, to other persons and companies that specialize in specific types of work.
  • Manage the project to determine that quality, timelines and budget stay in line.

Take the First Step Today

Prices & EnrollmentAllied’s California contractor courses provide you with the background you need to take on greater responsibility and grow your career. The all-inclusive packages give you the specialized training and tools to fulfill your requirements and pass the state exam. Get started today with a low-cost course and be one step closer to realizing your dream of having your own contracting business.  Call or click below for more information.

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