Broker Qualification Course

Please review the General Information Page prior to completing your enrollment.

The first step in enrolling is to determine how many qualification courses you need to satisfy the state requirements. Again, if you are not sure what courses you need to take, call an Allied Admissions Representative for assistance. Course costs are determined by the number of courses required. The more courses you buy, the more you will save! (CalBRE Statutory No. S0017)

# of Courses Price with Books Price with No Books
1 $88.00 $68.00
2 $149.00 $129.00
3 $219.00 $189.00
4 $289.00 $249.00
5 $349.00 $299.00
6 $409.00 $349.00
7 $459.00 $389.00
8 $509.00 $429.00

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