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Medical Billing Program

Medical Billing Online Training

Prices and EnrollmentAllied will help you realize your goal of joining a medical office team or starting a home-based business. When you enroll in your medical billing program, you receive superior program materials and one-on-one educational support to guide you through your studies. Choose the school that cares about your success and will stand by your side throughout the duration of your career. 


Practice the skills you acquire in our medical billing program in a real-world work environment. Through Allied’s medical billing externship, you will review the qualities needed to secure employment as a medical biller. Your learning experience also includes creating an online LinkedIn® networking profile, developing a professional portfolio, including a resume, cover letter, and thank-you note.

Live Student Support

Our staff includes a team of employees that are dedicated to the success of all of our students in every Allied course. Throughout your medical billing program, you have access to personalized, one-on-one student support through e-mail, phone and fax during regular business hours. You are not alone in your education!

Budget-Friendly Payment Plans with Allied’s Medical Billing Online Program

Select from a range of payment plan options to put your career training program within reach. Get started with an affordable down payment followed by low monthly payments. These no-interest payment plans are an ideal way to make your medical billing online training more affordable - and get you on your way to a new career! Call to learn more today!

Professional Membership

You will receive a one-year membership at no additional charge to a professional association when you successfully complete your medical program. Become part of a leading association and enjoy access to membership benefits, up-to-date news and information, and great networking opportunities for your career. 

Prices and Enrollment

Choose Allied today to complete your medical billing online training and make a smooth transition into your new career.

Note: NY, ME, MN and TN students will enroll in Professional Development courses in lieu of an Externship. Please call for more details.
*Service available for program graduates

Medical Billing Online Program

Create the career you’ve always wanted. Allied’s Medical Billing Programs teach you to accurately complete claim forms, bill insurance companies and play an overall important role in the medical insurance process. Build a flexible and rewarding career as a medical biller in a professional medical setting or from the convenience of home.

Prices and Enrollment

Start Your Medical Billing Online Education Today!

Your Medical Billing Online Education

Receive a well-rounded medical billing online training that covers essential practices and procedures, CPT and ICD-10-CM codebooks and Medisoft™ software. Step-by-step instruction will guide you through electronic claim forms, sample patient records, and more. Reach your goals with convenient online learning – you will still receive textbooks and study guides!

Note: The Medical Billing Program is composed of three individual courses and a hands-on externship as described below.

Choose your medical billing training option:

Medical Billing Online Programs - These are the comprehensive programs available for your education.

Medical Billing Program (230 Hours) – For the most comprehensive medical billing education, this is the program for you. You will receive:

  • Medical Terminology (45 hours)
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Billing Technology (65 hours)
  • Medical Billing Externship

  • Medical Billing Program with test-out for Medical Terminology (185 Hours) – An introductory program for those that have a solid background in medical terminology. You will receive:
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Billing Technology (65 hours)
  • Medical Billing Externship (Varies, 160 - 24 hours)
  • Medical Billing Online Courses - These are the courses included in your program.

    Medical Terminology Course

    Course Details

    Textbook: Medical Terminology: A Short Course

    6 required modules - each module includes overview, objectives and assignments with multiple-choice exam

    Online final exam - 50 multiple-choice questions; non-proctored; 90-minute time limit

    Course Overview

    Medical Terminology orients students to the accurate uses, definitions, spellings, and pronunciations of medical terms used in the healthcare field. Students will analyze terms while learning to divide them into suffixes, prefixes, and combining forms. Emphasis will be placed on relating medical terms to the structural organization of the body. Through practical applications, students will learn to link abnormal conditions and diseases with diagnostic tests and procedures. In addition, students will be introduced to common medical abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols.

    Course Objectives

    1. Define and spell common medical terms, abbreviations, and acronyms, including those related to organs and tissues of the body, and pathological conditions and diseases
    2. Divide medical terms into component parts and identify the common suffixes, prefixes, and combining forms that comprise those terms
    3. Recall the body systems, their functions, the body cavities, and major organs within each cavity
    4. Identify planes and directional terms of the body and the divisions of the spinal column
    5. Distinguish between medical specialists and their specialties, and recall the training process for physicians
    6. Recognize medical terms used in case reports and how to apply them in real-life situations
    7. Recall how to analyze, pronounce, and spell pathologic, diagnostic, and treatment terms related to each of the body systems covered in this module

    Medical Billing Course

    Course Details


    • Insurance Handbook for the Medical Office, 13th Edition
    • Insurance Handbook for the Medical Office Student Workbook, 13th Edition


    • 2016 Current Procedural Terminology, CPT®, American Medical Association
    • 2016 ICD-CM-Draft

    18 required modules – learning objectives, resources and assignments with online lessons, workbook exercises, multiple-choice exam and claim form practical exam

    Mid-term and final claim form projects

    Online mid-term exam (covers 1 – 10) – 50 multiple-choice questions; no time limit; non-proctored

    Online Final (covers 1 – 18) – 50 multiple-choice questions; 2-hour time limit; non-proctored

    Course Overview

    Medical Billing orients students to the background and importance of insurance, coding, and the billing processes encountered in a physician office setting. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the reimbursement process and all aspects of insurance billing for a full range of today’s health care plans. Emphasis is placed on the importance of accurate health care documentation and the contents of the medical record including: documentation requirements, legal and ethical issues, HIPAA regulations, and the AHIMA standards of ethical coding practices. Students will learn diagnostic coding and procedural coding utilizing ICD-9-CM, and CPT coding classification systems and will be introduced to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, which are scheduled to replace ICD-9 in 2015. The various types of third-party payers and insurance coverage available in the United States, such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, and CHAMPVA, will be reviewed in detail. Billing for health care services under these plans will be covered with emphasis on completion of the CMS-1500 (02-12) and UB-04 Insurance Claim Forms.

    Practical exercises will reinforce the concepts that students have learned so that they may demonstrate the ability to complete the CMS-1500 (02-12) claim form accurately. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the importance of health accounts receivables and the relevance of electronic data interchange and its effects on health care delivery methods. Additionally, students will learn how to interpret and post a patient’s explanation of benefits (EOB) and will be introduced to billing collection strategies and applicable laws that affect the physician practice. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about workers’ compensation and disability insurance plans and the federal and state laws governing these plans. Inpatient and outpatient hospital billing will be introduced and the rules for coding and compliance in this regulatory environment will be discussed in detail. Students will learn key terms and abbreviations relevant to insurance and billing operations, such as utilization review (UR) and quality improvement organization (QIO).

    Course Objectives

    1. Specify the career role and responsibilities of an insurance billing specialist
    2. Recognize HIPAA compliance, privacy, and security issues affecting insurance billing
    3. Identify the basics of health insurance
    4. Indicate the principles, guidelines, and contents of documentation in the health care record
    5. Recall the development and guidelines of the diagnostic coding classification system and assign the appropriate ICD-10-CM codes
    6. Recall the development and guidelines of the procedural coding classification system and assign the appropriate CPT codes
    7. Analyze and complete CMS-1500 (02-12) paper claim forms accurately for various insurance contracts
    8. Recognize the code sets, data elements, standards, technical, and physical safeguards used to protect privacy of electronic health data
    9. Utilize critical thinking skills to analyze the procedures involved in receiving payments and solving insurance problems
    10. Identify effective office and insurance collection strategies
    11. Distinguish among the Blue plans, private insurance, and managed care plans
    12. Determine the criteria and claims submission process for Medicare
    13. Specify the guidelines and claim procedures involved in Medicaid and other state programs
    14. Determine the eligibility requirements and benefits for TRICARE and Veterans’ Health Care (CHAMPVA)
    15. Recognize the laws, benefits, and compensation claims involved in workers’ compensation
    16. Determine the requirements, benefits, and limitations of disability income insurance and disability benefit programs
    17. Analyze hospital inpatient and outpatient billing procedures and guidelines
    18. Identify the processes involved when conducting online job searches, completing a job application form, creating a cover letter and résumé, and developing interview skills

    Medical Billing Technology Course

    Course Details

    Textbook: Computers in the Medical Office

    Materials: • McKesson Ambulatory Solutions, Medisoft®, McGraw-Hill Student At-Home Edition, Version 19 CD-ROM

    7 required modules - each module includes overview, objectives and assignments with multiple-choice quizzes, practical-based exercises and online worksheets

    Online final exam - comprehensive practical software-based exercise; non-proctored

    Course Overview

    This course teaches the skills students need to know to use Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting, one of the leading medical billing and scheduling software programs. Taking this course should not only build students’ skills with Medisoft, but give them the know-how they need to quickly learn other medical billing software programs as well. The learning experience is enhanced with exercises in entering realistic patient information and learning how to search for information that will provide students with useful on-the-job experience.

    Course Objectives

    1. Recognize important fundamentals regarding health information technology, medical billing, and the Medisoft program
    2. Identify the processes required for scheduling and entering patient information
    3. Recall how to create with cases, and enter charge transactions and patient payments
    4. Indicate how to create claims, post payments, and create patient statements
    5. Specify the method for generating reports and collections in the medical office
    Medical Billing Externship

    Through Allied’s medical billing externship, you will assess the qualities needed to secure employment as a medical biller in an actual work environment. You will also develop a LinkedIn® networking profile and professional portfolio, including a résumé, cover letter, and follow-up or thank-you note for potential employers.

    Prospective externs must meet requirements for the following courses through completion or test-out:
    Medical Terminology
    Medical Billing
    Medical Billing Technology
    Certified Medical Billing Specialist (CMBS) credential or other approved nationally recognized certificate or credential.


    Certified Medical Billers May Have Even Greater Employment Opportunities

    Give yourself a professional advantage! The knowledge you learn from Allied’s medical billing programs will prepare you to sit for the Certified Medical Billing Specialist® (CMBS) exam. Find out about the Allied CMBS Certification Examination Promise – Pass the Exam or Don’t Pay! Restrictions apply. Call (888) 501-7686 and take the steps to further distinguish your career.


    Professional Membership

    Prices and EnrollmentYou will receive a one-year membership to the Medical Association of Billers (MAB) when you successfully complete your program. There is no additional cost to you. Enjoy a professional advantage with membership to the leading association for medical billing professionals.

    Build a Medical Billing Career

    Prices and EnrollmentImagine joining an office as an experienced medical biller. You can start a solid career as an integral part of a medical office team. There are also flexible and convenient opportunities to build a career from home. Create a career that works for you! You can set your own hours and manage your personal responsibilities while building a foundation for your future.

    Affordable, Self Paced

    Allied has a payment plan to meet your budget-friendly needs. Get started without the worry of money and build your new career today. The self-paced program enables you to further your career on your own terms. Complete your studies whenever and wherever you want.

    Medical Billing Career Opportunities

    Career Outlook

    The medical industry is projected to have the strongest employment growth of any industry within the next decade. Continued advances in technology, as well as a growing and aging population, will spur this growth and create opportunities for well-trained individuals. Due to the detailed nature of medical billing and increasing amount of claim-related paperwork, experienced medical billers will be in demand to handle the growing number of insurance claims. There will be opportunities as an independent contractor or as part of a medical office team in a doctor’s office, hospital, outpatient clinic, and more.  

    What is a medical biller?

    An individual who submits claims to an insurance company to facilitate payment for services provided to a patient by a doctor.


    • Gather patient information and billing detail from physician.
    • Submit detail to insurance company for payment.
    • Apply knowledge of various billing procedures, fee schedules, collection methods and claims form completion.
    • Process responses from health insurance companies.
    • Prepare invoices and contact patients about past-due bills.
    • Collect payments, make adjustments, handle denied claims and process appeals.

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    Prices and EnrollmentAllied’s Medical Billing Programs provide you with the comprehensive training you need to ensure that doctors receive insurance payments in a fast and accurate manner. Apply your specialized skills to an exciting career in the medical field. Prepare to become a Certified Medical Billing Specialist®! Get started today and enjoy the flexibility and longevity of a medical billing career. Call or click below for more information!

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