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Anatomy & Physiology Program

Anatomy and Physiology Program

Why Anatomy and Physiology Online Training at Allied?

Prices and EnrollmentNeed a solid anatomy and physiology foundation? Look no further – Allied Professional Healthcare School can help you build the academic base you need to pursue a career in the growing health care field. Every health care professional needs to know how the body works, diseases that can affect it, ways to treat these diseases, and more.

Learn the detailed information you need to succeed in your medical career. When you choose Allied, you benefit from a dedicated learning partner.

Convenient Online Anatomy & Physiology Course

Learn Anatomy & Physiology from the convenience of home, on your terms. Allied’s online Anatomy and Physiology course is centered on your needs. Create a study schedule that works for you and progress at your own pace. When you choose to learn online, you complete your Anatomy & Physiology course when and where you want with an education tailored to your needs. Forget travel time, parking fees and set class hours. Online learning puts you in charge!

Superior Anatomy & Physiology Course Materials

There’s no need to go anywhere else. Allied provides the in-depth materials you need so that you can truly learn the terminology and concepts. From a state-of-the-art textbook to detailed online lessons and assignments, you’ll build the knowledge base you need. Upon completion of the course, you’ll be prepared to take the next step. Allied’s Anatomy and Physiology course is an ideal complement to any medical billing, medical coding and medical transcription training.

Personalized Student Support

Prices and EnrollmentNeed one-on-one assistance? You can talk to a live person when you call during regular business hours. Our helpful Allied reps know the course material and can assist with any course questions or technical issues. They’re also available to provide support and encouragement. Your success is a mirror of our success and we support you every step of the way. 

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Anatomy and Physiology Course Information

Prices and EnrollmentAre you ready? Your career in the health care industry starts with a solid academic foundation. That’s where Allied comes in – we have the course that can serve as the starting point for an exciting career. Whether you are pursuing a medical coding or medical billing career, you need a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and laboratory medicine. Allied’s Anatomy and Physiology course provides you with the necessary knowledge base – enroll today and open the door to a rewarding future.

Learn anatomical terminology, signs and symptoms of disease, surgical procedures, laboratory values, clinical applications, and much more.  Additionally, with the transition to the ICD-10 coding system and implementation of electronic health records, you will be prepared to effectively adapt to the evolving health care industry. Why wait? Learn from home, further your career potential!

Note: The Anatomy & Physiology Course is a standalone education option as described below. You will also find this course included as one of multiple courses in other Allied medical programs.

What You Get in Allied’s Anatomy & Physiology Course

Course Details

  • The Human Body in Health & Disease,6th Edition
  • 14 online, interactive lessons – including reading assignments, quizzes and unit exams
  • One Midterm – 40 multiple-choice questions, no proctor required
  • Online final exam – 80 multiple-choice questions, no proctor required
  • State-of-the-art education
  • Live student support

What Your Course is About

Course Overview

Anatomy and Physiology will prepare students for the specificity required to interpret medical language while working as a healthcare professional. Students will acquire an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and laboratory medicine. The student will learn how to identify, pronounce, spell, locate, and understand anatomical terminology to describe the structure and function of the body, the major organ systems, and the relations of one part to another. The nature of disease processes, including signs, symptoms, and etiology, will be presented in detail for each organ system. Interventional treatment modalities have been linked accordingly, in addition to clinical applications, research issues and trends, and related issues about health and well-being.

What You Will Learn From Allied’s Anatomy & Physiology Course

Course Objectives

  1. Recall the structural foundation of the body, basic chemistry, and various chemicals that comprise the human body
  2. Identify the structural and functional aspects of cell organization and the various types of tissues that compose the body’s organs
  3. Recognize the anatomy and organization of the body, disease terminology, and patterns of disease
  4. Specify the function and structure of the integumentary system and the various types of epithelial and connective tissue body membranes
  5. Name the functions and recognize the structure of the skeletal and muscular systems
  6. Identify the organs, divisions, and functions of the nervous system
  7. Distinguish between special and general sense organs and recognize the structure and anatomy of the eyes and ears
  8. Name the functions of the endocrine glands, hormones they secrete, and important roles that hormones play in homeostasis, normalcy, and abnormalities
  9. Recall the primary functions of blood and the heart and their associated disorders and abnormalities
  10. Identify the structures, functions, and deficiencies of the lymphatic system, as well as types of immunity
  11. Specify the structure and generalized functions of the respiratory system as well as the disorders of the upper respiratory tract
  12. Recognize the component parts of the digestive system and the basic principles of nutrition and metabolism
  13. Identify the major organs and functions of the urinary system and mechanisms that maintain fluid balance
  14. Recall the essential and accessory organs, functions of each, and the structures of external male and female genitals of the male and female reproductive systems

Prices and Enrollment

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