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Become a Notary in California with an online, self-paced course.

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  • Nationally Accredited School
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Certain legal documents, such as divorce papers, property deeds, wills and business agreements, will require the impartial signature of a Notary Public. And that could be you. A Notary Public screens signers of important legal documents, confirming identities, document authenticity and more.

It's an ideal way to enhance your existing career and establish an extra income stream. You can also work towards growing your client base, becoming your own boss and creating your own traveling notary public business.

Live Student Support

There is a team of employees dedicated to the success of all of our students in every Allied course. If you have any questions while taking your Online Notary Public Course, you can reach Allied’s support staff via email, phone or fax. Talk to a live person when you call during regular business hours!

Flexible Online Course

Be in charge of your studies with the flexibility and convenience of an online course. All you need is an Internet connection to study from home or any other place you choose. Learn day or night – it’s up to you!

Enroll today – benefit from all of the resources you need to successfully start your new career!

Online Notary Public Courses

Choose Your Course:


California Notary Public and Loan Signing Specialist Package A

$126.00 Click here to Order Online


California Notary Public and Loan Signing Specialist Package B

$221.95 Click here to Order Online

*Shipped after you obtain your CA notary license

California Notary Public Course Click here to Order Online


This course is divided into six modules with reading assignments taken from both the Functions and Duties of a California Notary Public Workbook and the Notary Public Handbook. Multiple-choice assessments will test your knowledge of the material presented. An online, multiple-choice final exam consisting of 30 questions will conclude your course. Upon successfully completing your education requirements, you will be qualified to sit for the state notary test.                       

Receive Everything You Need to Succeed:

  • Notary Public Handbook (2011) by Debra Bowen, Secretary of State
  • Functions and Duties of a California Notary Public Workbook (2011) by the California Secretary of State’s Business Programs Division Notary Public & Special Filings Section
  • 6 Required Modules with Course Objectives
  • Assignments & Multiple-Choice Quizzes
  • Online Multiple Choice Final (non-proctored)

Course Objectives Include:

  • Recognize the notary public bond
  • Specify which acts constitute the practice of law
  • Identify what is contained in a notary public seal
  • Name the types of identification
  • Determine what is included in a notary public journal
  • Specify what qualifies as conflict of interest
  • Identify what is certified in a jurat
  • Define subscribing witness
  • Specify the requirements of the signature by mark

California Notary Public Refresher Course

Click here to Order Online

Every four years, California notaries are required to:

  1. Complete a 3-hour re-appointment course
  2. Retake the notary exam in order to maintain Notary Public status

The California Secretary of State suggests that notaries start the reappointment process 6 months prior to the expiration of their commission.

Don't wait. If the commission expires prior to your re-appointment application, the original 6-hour course must be retaken, along with the exam. Keep your notary public status current with Allied’s online, self-paced refresher course.

Refresher Course Includes Everything You Need:

  • Notary Public Handbook (2012)
  • Functions and Duties of a California Notary Public Workbook
  • (2012) by the California Secretary of State’s Business Programs
  • Division Notary Public and Special Filings Section
  • Six Required Modules
  • Online, Multiple-Choice Final

Course Objectives:

  • Identify what a notary public can certify
  • Name components of illegal advertising
  • Recognize the rules regarding notarizing immigration documents and marriage licenses
  • Recall the grounds for denial, revocation or suspension of appointment and commission
  • Identify disciplinary guidelines
  • Distinguish among the Government Code, Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Elections Code, Commercial Code, Probate Code and Penal Code

Loan Signing Specialist Designation

Ready to earn $100 to $200 on average per signing? The Loan Signing Specialist designation is an ideal complement to an existing real estate or notary career, and opens the door to more income opportunity! Why not maximize your potential?

You’ll become familiar with the specific types of documents used in real estate and loan transactions. This module teaches you the terminology used in real estate transactions and helps you identify different types of loan documents and their functions.

What You'll Receive

  • 100% Online Course
  • 1 Module
  • Online Final – 25 multiple-choice questions


Call 800-617-3513 to enroll and begin your notary public course or required re-appointment course today!

Notary Public: Providing Invaluable Services!

Click here to Order OnlineThe role of a Notary Public is to perform services for the legal, business, financial and real estate communities. These services include certifying and witnessing the authenticity of signatures, as well as verifying who the witnesses are. To acknowledge the authenticity of signatures, a Notary Public uses a special seal or stamp. A Notary Public may also administer oaths and take affidavits.

Notary Publics are also used by state governing bodies to help prevent fraud and theft within public matters. There are currently more than 225,000 notaries public in California.

Additionally, students who take real estate or business courses can benefit from adding Notary Public to their program. This is because almost every business has a need for a notary public at one time or another, and having one on staff is convenient. With this invaluable skill, you can become the go-to person for notary services.

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