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The Computerized Financial Accounting Advantage

Click here to Order OnlineMany accounting tasks are currently performed through the use of a computer. Give your career an advantage by enrolling in Allied’s Computerized Financial Accounting Course. You will receive the comprehensive training that prepares you to work in today’s business environment. Become a well-rounded business professional, with the skills to manage a company’s financial data through your computer.

Budget-Friendly Payment Plans

Select from a range of payment plan options to put your career training program within reach. Get started with an affordable down payment followed by up to six monthly payments. These no-interest payment plans are an ideal way to make your training more affordable - and get you on your way to a new career! Call to learn more today!

Live Student Support

As an Allied student, you have live student support available to you. If you have a question with your coursework or need technical support, you can get one-on-one assistance every step of the way. Our staff includes over 350 employees that are dedicated to the success of all of our students in every Allied course. You are not alone!

Professional Membership

When you successfully complete your program, you will get a one-year membership to a professional association at no additional charge to you. It’s a great way to show potential employers you are serious about your new career. Enjoy your membership benefits, including current news and information, the chance to network, and more.


Click here to Order OnlineEnroll today in the Computerized Financial Accounting Course and be one step closer to realizing your business career goals.

Computerized Financial Accounting

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  • Over 1 Million Enrollments since 1992

Click here to Order OnlineJoin an accounting department as a trained professional!  You can become a vital part of a business with skills that enable you to track, analyze and manage financial data. Receive a thorough understanding of financial accounting and build a long-term career.

Allied’s Computerized Financial Accounting Course provides you with a solid foundation of accounting knowledge and practical skills to succeed in today’s business world. Learn the concepts involved in financial accounting and the tools to effectively use today’s leading accounting software. You will receive a solid understanding of accounting procedures.

Click here to Order OnlineStart Your Education Today!

Computerized Financial Accounting Course

Get complete instruction on the ins and outs of computerized financial accounting. You will learn essential accounting practices used in sole proprietorships including service business, cash and payroll, merchandising business, as well as partnerships. Gain experience managing financial data as you learn how to journalize entries, make adjustments and close entries as appropriate. Use your skills to complete vital accounting tasks and generate financial reports, spreadsheets and more.

The Computerized Financial Accounting Course includes:

  • College Accounting, Chapters 1 - 15 - by James Heintz and Robert Parry
    This customized textbook covers 15 in-depth lessons. Each lesson includes:
    • Overview
    • Objectives
    • Assignments - including multiple-choice online quizzes and practical accounting exercises
  • Klooster & Allen General Ledger Software Program CD-ROM
  • Open-Book Mid-Term and Final Exam - No Proctor Required!

Course Objectives:

  • Journalize and post accounting transactions, including adjusting entries, closing entries, and reversing entries.
  • Prepare financial statements, including the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of owner’s equity.
  • Account for cash, including reconciliation of bank statements.
  • Account for employee earnings and deductions.
  • Account for employer payroll taxes.
  • Account for merchandise sales transactions and cash receipts.
  • Account for merchandise purchases and cash payments.
  • Use special journals, including posting from the Sales, Cash Receipts, Purchases, and Cash Payments journals.
  • Account for purchase returns, allowances, and partial payments.
  • Prepare a worksheet for a merchandising business.
  • Account for accounts receivable, including using the allowance method and writing off uncollectibles.
  • Account for notes and interest, including using promissory notes.
  • Account for merchandise inventory (using the periodic and perpetual inventory systems)
  • Account for long-term assets, including acquisition costs, depreciation, and other considerations.
  • Account for the formation of partnerships and compensation within partnerships.

Professional Membership

Click here to Order OnlineYou will receive a one-year membership to the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) when you successfully complete your program. There is no additional cost to you. Enjoy a career advantage with membership to the leading association for bookkeeping professionals.

Build a Career in Computerized Financial Accounting

Click here to Order OnlineSecure your future with a solid business career! Every business requires accounting practices to exist and thrive in the marketplace. You can build a long-term career overseeing the financial activity of a business and applying your skills as a computer professional.  

Accredited, Affordable

Start your education with an accredited school. When you choose Allied, you receive quality career training that prepares you to become part of an accounting team. You have the assurance that you are getting a first-rate education that will open the door to success in the workplace.

Computerized Financial Accounting Career Opportunities

Career Outlook

A thriving economy will result in a larger number of new businesses and greater need for qualified people to handle financial data. Computerized financial accounting will become the mainstream way to complete accounting tasks. Well-rounded individuals with strong computer skills will have the greatest advantage when it comes to filling available positions.

What is computerized financial accounting?

An individual who uses a computer and specialized software to complete accounting tasks (i.e. inputting financial data and generating financial statements) and manage the financial well being of a business.


  • Generate reports
  • Complete payroll
  • Invoice customers
  • Manage inventory
  • Create purchase orders
  • Track and pay expenses
  • Print checks

Take the First Step Today

Allied’s Computerized Financial Accounting Course provides you with the comprehensive training you need to perform the accounting procedures that keep a business running smooth. Learn about financial accounting and how to use a computer to complete day-to-day tasks. Get started today and become the professional you’ve always wanted. Call or click below for more information!

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